Mindful Woman Magazine is a new publication that will help you stay happy and healthy in 2019.

Editor Jules Taylor says: "Here at Mindful Woman we take our mental health as seriously as our physical health; look after your mind and your body will follow.

"But how do you take care of your mind? As a busy working mom of two teenagers – and daughter to elderly parents – it’s not always easy. But it is possible. I’ve learned to tweak my schedule to allow daily moments of ‘me time’ – a quiet coffee before work, a lunch outside (weather permitting), listening to a favorite podcast and a few yoga stretches before bed... These moments are not luxuries – they’re essentials.

"If I give my mind the time and space to recharge, I can be a better parent/ daughter/wife/friend/sister/co-worker. And that’s what’s really important.

"Being active and creative also helps build a healthy mind (research has proved it!). It’s not just the act of doing something – it’s about being outdoors, or in a different environment, mixing with people and making new friends, having alternative conversations and being inspired and supported by others. That’s what a healthy mind needs. That’s what we all need! I hope you’re excited about making plans for your happy year ahead. I know I am."

Issue one of Mindful Woman magazine is on sale in the UK priced £9.99. In the UK, the magazine is stocked in Tesco, WHSmith High St, WHSmith Travel, Waitrose and some independents.

Mindful Woman magazine is also on sale now in the USA and Canada priced US$14.99. Stockists include Walmart, Albertsons, Kroger, Walgreens, Publix, Ahold Delhaize, Target, Barnes & Noble, Meijer, H E Butt, Bi-Lo, Giant Eagle, Wakefern Food Corp, Books-A-Million, Ingles, Save Mart, Wegmans, Weis Markets, Tops, Hy-Vee, Market 32, Price Chopper, Lund & Byerlys, Sears, K Mart, Alex Lee and Shopko.

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Read on to find out what's inside Mindful Woman issue 1…

Barista coffee and plants
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In our Happy section, we're looking at happy habits for everyday life, finding out how happy we really are with a happiness quiz, learning how to let go of the past, doing small acts of kindness, finding reasons to me cheerful and much more.

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In Active this issue, we're finding out how to get fit at any age, walking in the woods, learning how to be a happy hiker, getting on our bikes and helping you to decide whether to opt for yoga or Pilates.

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