New year is a time to declutter, says In The Moment editor Kirstie Duhig. "In my household this is met with mild enthusiasm on the part of my daughter, who likes a tidy room but isn’t always keen on the tidying part; mild resistance on the part of my son, who develops a deep and sentimental attachment to any object that finds its way into his possession; and strenuous resistance from my partner, who takes the view that all manner of ‘useful things’ should be stored for an indefinite period of time until the day that they are needed (which, to be fair, they sometimes are).


"In this context, I have always thought of myself as a bit of a champion declutterer, so reading our feature A Life Less Cluttered (page 30) I was pleased to note that many of the techniques were already part of my repertoire. It turns out, however, that there’s more to decluttering than tidy drawers (although this does help) and I have been neglecting the metaphorical. While keeping our home shipshape feels do-able, I have to admit that I sometimes let the clutter of life admin swamp and stress me, and I spend so much mental energy making sure that everyone else is organised I often forget that my mind could do with letting go of some of this clutter too.

"Recognising that clutter extends beyond the physical has been a liberating experience, the first step in learning how to free up more headspace for the things that really matter to me. More lists (on paper is out of mind) and less admin-related procrastination are my steps two and three!

"I hope you’ll find plenty of ideas that work for you too, in this and the other features we have for you this issue. Do get in touch and tell us – we’d love to know what’s connected with you."

In this issue, we're refreshing and rebooting old routines, setting our intentions for 2019 with a beautiful illustrated vision board and much more. Read on to find out what's inside the new issue…

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In Wellbeing we're discovering how to bring a little sparkle to the winter months with kintsugi, decluttering our lives, cultivating resilience with yoga, letting go of old habits, transforming our relationship with food, learning how to worry less and much more.

Plus Olympic athlete Dame Kelly Holmes tells us how she copes with stress and lives a balanced life.

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Cover illustration by Amy Blackwell.