As September approaches, we're embracing that back- to-school feeling and making changes to our lives.


In The Moment Magazine editor Kirstie Duhig says: "September is one of my favourite months – summer drawing to a close, the days still mild but ushering in the auburn of autumn, cosy jumpers in the evening, that 'new term' feeling full of possibilities.

"It's also a time when when many of us return, hopefully feeling refreshed, to our routines, making it the perfect opportunity to notice whether or not they are really serving us."

This issue, we asked psychologist, author and yoga teacher Suzy Reading to share some simple morning rituals to encourage us to begin each day in a calm and positive frame of mind. We then asked five In The Moment readers to try out Suzy’s routine for 14 days – and what a difference these few minutes of self-care made. You can read how they got on on and find Suzy’s Mindful Mornings Planner to pull-out and keep inside issue 29.

In The Moment Magazine issue 29 is on sale on 19 August in the UK in most supermarkets and WHSmiths priced £5.99.

Read on to find out what else is in store in our latest issue…


Discover how to beat burnout, cope with social anxiety, nurture a calmer you with a simple morning ritual, transition into a new season with yin yoga, manage shyness in a relationship and embrace the single life.


Build an eco wardrobe with sustainable fashion advice, embrace that 'back to school feeling' and how to manage money mindfully. Plus meet investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr in our new inspiring women series.

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