"I often feel lucky in the UK that we have four distinct seasons in the year," says editor Lara Watson.


"Four chances offered up by nature to take stock, notice change, feel a shift in our own experience and be reminded of the rejuvenating power of both rest and bloom."

So this issue we're journeying through life's seasons, nurturing our talents, admiring nature's symmetry, propagating plants, walking in the rain and more.

Plus this issue comes with beautiful paper pull-outs and things to make. Read on to see what else is in store in issue 11…

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Look inside Project Calm 11…

Spirit animal posters

Spirit animal posters

What’s your spirit animal? We’re inspired by creatures great and small this issue and all their incredible traits. There’s a lot we can learn from chirpy birds, proud stags, wily foxes and transformative butterflies.

So enjoy our exclusive prints, illustrated by Lady Desidia, and put them up to remind you to take on some of our fellow fauna’s attributes when life requires it.

Butterfly lamp

Botanical butterfly crafts

Be inspired by the animal kingdom’s most recognisable example of symmetry and use our pull-out botanical butterfly sheets for a range of different crafts, from coloured-in posters to innovative homeware and fashion accessories.

Organisational stickers

Organise-your-office stickers

Use our specially designed sticker sheet to take it that extra step. There’s nothing more satisfying than everything having its place, right?

We’ve left your stickers blank so you can write your own tags or messages of encouragement. Be your own cheerleader at work or go for something more boss-like.

Find your wild stencils

'Find your wild' stencils

The beauty of making your own stencils is that you can use them again and again. Get a production line going for gifts on a range of cotton surfaces – not just tote bags, but T-shirts, baby rompers and fabric panels for use in crafts such as cushion covers or quilts.


Cover illustration by Yulia Brodskaya.