We're really excited to reveal Project Calm magazine issue 5, which is on sale now in the UK!


The new issue is packed with beautiful things to make, interesting features and ideas to fire up your creativity.

Editor Lara Watson says: "If you’re in awe of the galaxy, you’re in the right place. This issue we’re thinking about the Earth and our place in it. We’re exploring not only our need to look up and outward to the universe, but also the joy we find in grounded, everyday practices, from Yin yoga to sewing on a button.

"When we slow down to appreciate even these seemingly unremarkable actions – simply moving our bodies with more purpose and attending to unfinished business – we live a more engaged life. Where we’re based in the UK, the nights are drawing in. Blankets are coming out on late summer evenings and we’re contemplating the year so far with the changing season.

"What’s in store for autumn? Well, stocking the larder with seasonal vinegar recipes, staying in to make our own beauty products and wrapping up to tell our best stories, preferably around a campfire as our beautiful cover artwork captures.

"Learn crochet and assemble paper globes. Switch off and enjoy the meditative, repetitive quality of projects you can lose yourself in, as well as the ongoing cycles of nature and the cosmos."

Here are some of this issue's gorgeous artwork and projects to make at home…

Project Calm issue 5 prints

Seasonal prints

Many Native American tribes kept track of time by observing the seasons and lunar months, giving each full moon a name. Although there was much variability, this is our interpretation, based on the names given by the Algonquin tribes who lived in regions from New England to Lake Superior. Beautifully illustrated by Zanna Goldhawk, they are wonderful showcased all at once, as shown here, or you could rotate your exclusive prints with the seasons.

Origami paper globes

Paper globes

These clever origami globes are sure to test your folding skills. Use your pull-out card section to create this enigmatic system of orbs. Our antique map designs cover a city, a country and the cosmos. Simply copy the templates to make even more.

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Fresh and fruity stickers

Fresh and fruity stickers and papers

Give your handmade cosmetics, recipe books, cards and wrapping a pro touch with our fun stickers and papers. We commissioned illustrator Emily Nash to create this fruit cocktail. Enjoy!

You can get your hands on a copy of Project Calm magazine in larger branches of WHSmiths, Waitrose and Hobbycraft. You can also order a copy of the latest issue and back issues via buysubscriptions.com.


Cover illustration by Mia Charro.