There's not long to go until your favourite mag comes out in the UK – and we have an exciting announcement to make.


From next issue, we'll be going bi-monthly so you'll only have two months to wait between issues!

Project Calm magazine editor Lara Watson says: "We’re so excited about going up to six issues a year – even more opportunity to share gorgeous paper goodies, thoughtful reads and ways to enjoy mindful making."

Issue 8 will go on sale in the UK on 12 April, issue 9 comes out on 7 June, issue 10 on 2 August, issue 11 on 27 September and issue 12 arrives on 22 November. Put those dates in your diary!

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Read on to discover what's inside Project Calm issue 8 or take a peek inside...

Mindful gardening

In Nature, we're talking to Clea Danaan about how to garden mindfully, making a papercut greenhouse designed by Clare Lewis, and growing and cooking our own veg with Richard Buckley of Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen.

Scent envelopes

In Mind & Body, we're learning about the art of creating natural perfume with Amanda Saurin, making our own scented candles, discovering how fragrances can unlock memories, making our own scent sachets, reclaiming our creativity at any age, learning about inspirational women who flourished later in life and trying chi walking for mindfulness.

Home cinema tray

In Home, we're hosting our own cosy movie nights, appreciating the art of silent cinema, making our own cinema tickets and popcorn boxes and making our own homemade dens.

Project Calm mountain cards

In Travel, we're exploring the spiritual significance of lakes, waterfalls and springs, talking to three writers about what the River Avon means to them, making clever climbing cards designed by Brittany Molineux, finding peace with a river walk, carving our own river talismans, discovering ways to cope with agoraphobia and become a calm traveller and going on a scent safari.

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Project Calm issue 7

Cover illustration by Brittany Molineux. Mindful gardening illustrations by David J McMillan.