We're really excited to share the latest issue with you because it comes with a gorgeous illustrated calendar you can use all year! Plus this issue is packed with ideas to help you relax, tips for restful sleep and much more.


You can find issue 18 of In The Moment Magazine on sale in WHSmiths and Waitrose, as well as larger supermarkets including Sainsburys and Asda.

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Tiffany Jackson talks about yoga in the latest issue of In The Moment Magazine


In Wellbeing this month we're catching up on some much-needed beauty sleep, learning how to stop perfectionism from holding us back, trying cupping therapy and finding out how to cope with bereavement in a mindful way.

Plus Marianne Power talks about her year of living by self-help books and the adventures she got into along the way.

You can also listen our interview to Marianne on the In The Moment Magazine podcast, which is available on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and most major podcast providers.

Assorted vegetables on a blue background


In Living, discover how what you eat can relieve anxiety, change your hair and skincare to suit the season, reduce food waste with root-to-stem cooking and take back control of your wellness.

A pair of glasses on a stack of books


In issue 18, we're finding joy and gratitude by putting pen to paper, using intuition to boost our mood, getting creative with bookstagramming and catching up with the book club.

Aerial view of Montgomery Reef, Kimberley, Australia


In Escaping, our columnist Sian Lewis heads out on a city break, we shop for space-saving travel kit and Karen Edwards goes exploring by boat.

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Cover illustration by Cloudy Thurstag. Photography by Getty Images, Dave Caudery and Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash.