This issue is all about letting go; freeing up space in our minds, our schedules, our homes, to leave more room for the good stuff – the thoughts, the people, the simple things that bring us joy.


"Paradoxically, this issue is also about holding on," says editor Kirstie Duhig. "Because while we can all benefit from unhelpful thoughts and worries (not to mention the physical stuff that weighs us down), letting go isn't about stripping everything away."

In this issue, we're learning how to enjoy the simple things, growing our resilience, discovering what to eat for a good night's sleep and much more.

Plus this issue comes with some bonus affirmation art prints and illustrated bookmarks.

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Read on to see inside the issue…

In The Moment issue 26 prints


In Wellness, we're finding out how to cope mindfully with setbacks, trying a multi-sensory approach to wellbeing, learning to let go, talking our way to compromise, enjoying summer yoga and what to eat to improve our sleep.


Reconnect with your inner child by rereading treasured childhood books and giving our creative side a rest (sometimes).

Illustration of plants on a table by Becki Clark
Becki Clark


Refresh your living space for free, re-evaluate how you spend your time and money and discover the truth about recycling.


Become a conscious traveller, lighten the mental load on the road, try a planet-friendly escape and discover why laughter is good for you.


Cover illustration by Cloudy Thurstag.