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February is a time to find motivation, says In The Moment editor Kirstie Duhig: "While I love February’s crisp, cold days with its frosted leaves and watercolour blue sky, for many of us it’s the month we notice a dip in motivation, as the honeymoon period of the new year has passed and January’s intentions begin to feel a little less appealing – the early morning walk, the daily yoga practice, the healthy eating plan... and it’s easy to slip back into old habits.

"So our themes, this issue, are motivation and self-confidence – for we cannot have one without the other. It’s something I think we can forget. We judge ourselves, and sometimes others, harshly for a ‘lack of motivation’, or staying power, when actually we have the will, we just haven’t yet found the way.

"So often, what appears to be a lack of motivation is actually a manifestation of our lack of self confidence; it’s not knowing how to get started, it’s fear of failure, it’s the threat of embarrassment if we get it ‘wrong’."

Issue 22 affirmation postcards

In her Wellbeing column, Harriet Griffey looks at how our fears hold us back, and how we can take steps to overcome them (page 18). Karen Edwards explores identity, and how vital our sense of self is to our confidence – read her moving personal experience on page 20.

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We also examine confidence within our relationships – Sarah Orme writes about loneliness – ‘a modern epidemic’ – and how nurturing our connections can help to build our confidence in all areas of our lives (page 28).

And on page 48, you’ll find Annika Rose’s motivation-themed quiz, to help you gauge how you’re faring and, if you need a helping hand, give you some tools to get you back on track.

This issue also includes an inspiring affirmation poster and four positive postcards to share with your friends.

Read on to find out what else is in store in issue 22…

Yoga nidra


In our wellbeing section this month, we're talking about how overcoming our fears can reap rewards, how a strong sense of identity helps us to feel grounded, how to cope with loneliness, promoting sleep naturally with yoga nidra, relaxing with ASMR and much more.

Suzy Glaskie talks about mindful eating inside issue 22. Photography by Jason Lock
Suzy Glaskie talks about mindful eating inside issue 22. Photography by Jason Lock Jason Lock


Slow down and discover the benefits of mindful, meet inspiring food-positive bloggers and create a wellness haven in your home.

Creative equipment illustration by Fran Murphy
Illustration by Fran Murphy


Make your creative time a habit and celebrate the changing season with an upcycled bottle vase.

In The Moment Magazine columnist Sian Lewis


Listen to the call of the ocean, learn about the therapeutic benefits of walking, explore Australia's beautiful Southern Highlands and find the courage to follow your dreams.


Cover illustration by Bett Norris.