Tune into your core values with Natalie Lue in the latest Radio Gorgeous podcast

Natalie Lue

Rediscover your core relationship values with relationship expert Natalie Lue in the latest Radio Gorgeous podcast.


We all have our own criteria for the perfect partner, but could we be sabotaging ourselves in our search for happiness?

Natalie Lue says: “Our core values are the things that we need in order to live our lives happily and authentically.

“It all boils down to our preferences, priorities and principles. So if we take care of ourselves in terms of all of these particular areas then we know that we’re going to be happy, we know we’re going to be authentic.”

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Core values can include family values, relationship values, political values – it all comes down to what’s important to you.

According to Natalie, if you ignore your core values you can end up experiencing incompatibilities in your relationships – and that’s when problems start to arise.

Our core values are often formed during childhood. Natalie says: “Adulthood is about unlearning all of the unproductive and downright harmful stuff that you’ve picked up along the way.”

We start adulthood with values that we’ve picked up from our family, friends and even TV shows. Adulthood allows us to put these values to the test in our relationships.

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