Make yoga part of your day with this easy sit-up-in-bed yoga routine from Charlene Lim of Trika Yoga.


By working yoga into your morning schedule, it'll become a regular part of your day without the stress of wondering how you're ever going to fit it in – and the best part is that you can do it without even getting out of bed.

Charlene says: "There are so many different styles of yoga, I truly believe that each approach will have its place over the ebbs and flows of your life."

Watch the video below to try Charlene's simple morning yoga exercise for yourself.

Easy sit-up-in-bed yoga routine video tutorial

How to follow your own sit-up-in-bed yoga routine

  1. Use your pillow to raise your seat in bed.
  2. Sit cross legged in any comfortable seated position.
  3. Breathe deeply, feeling like your entire ribcage is filling with air.
  4. Exhale slowly, matching the length of your inhale.
  5. Breathe for 10 breaths.
  6. Reach arms up, take your time to stretch to the tips of your fingers.
  7. Allow one arm to release to your bed, the other arm reaching over to stretch the side of your body.
  8. Repeat on the other side.
  9. Bring your hands behind your back on the bed, puff your chest out and let your head hang loose.
  10. Bring your hands forward, slide them onto your bed as you let the head hang.
  11. Sit up, close your eyes and breathe for another three breaths.
Charlene Lim of Trika Yoga

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