Find your yoga confidence with Charlene Lim in the latest In The Moment Magazine podcast

Charlene Lim's sit up in bed yoga routine video
Published: June 6, 2018 at 1:45 pm

Ever been to a yoga class and felt intimidated by other people there? Do you struggle to find your yoga confidence?


In the latest episode of the In The Moment Magazine podcast, Sarah Orme and Katharine Bennett chat to Charlene Lim of Trika Yoga to learn how to find your yoga mojo and how to cope with the issue of competitiveness in yoga classes.

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Charlene says: "Everyone comes to yoga not trying to be competitive, but it's quite interesting that the more people practise yoga and the more used to they get competitiveness does start to creep in, particularly with the dynamic classes.

She sometimes has to remind people in her classes to calm down and make them aware that yoga isn't like other sports.

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Charlene Lim of Trika Yoga

In this episode, Charlene also shares her tips for how to relax in class when you're a beginner and how to find confidence in your yoga practice, especially when you're surrounded by people who seem to be doing well.

Charlene Lim is a regular contributor to In The Moment Magazine and our go-to expert for all things yoga! You can follow Charlene on Instagram @charlenelim.


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