Looking for a gentle podcast to listen to? Then relax and settle down with our latest podcast with Good Vibes, Good Life author Vex King. At the moment it feels as though we could benefit from a little positivity and Vex is here to share his wisdom.


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Vex's outlook on life changed when he came across a book about the Law of Attraction during a difficult period in his life. The basic idea is that if you focus your energies on something positive then good things will happen to you.

"I think I was going through a really tough time. And I went on a music forum on the internet and people were talking about this book that was apparently changing lives all across the world. And I just knew that I needed to get on whatever it is was so being quite a lazy reader back when I decided to watch the documentary instead!" he says. "And yes, I started applying some of the techniques or the concept and things started improving in my life. And I became a believer until things kind of went back to how they were. And that's the reason why I've written this book because I think all the books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction is an amazing concept. And it's really helpful, but it's a little bit incomplete. And I think that's where the idea of vibration and energy is so important.

While Vex agrees with this, over time he came to realise that most of the books on the topic don't really cover what practical things you can do to achieve your goals: "They don't mention is the importance of action and actually how you get to a positive place.

"I think when people read The Secret they think: 'Right, I just need to be positive now.' And what they end up doing is suppressing their negative emotions. And I think to suppress something is very dangerous because it's like keeping poison in your system, eventually it's going to catch up with you."

Vex has his own concept of the Law of Vibration. "Everything vibrates and everything carries some form of energy. And when you put out good energy into the universe, or into the world, or whatever you want to call it, you'll receive things that resonate at the same frequency of that particular energy," he explains. "So for example, if I'm putting feelings out of joy, I'm going to receive more things to feel joyful about. And that's really what the law of vibration is. You know, there's the science to explain, and I've gone in a little bit deeper –not too deep to scare people away – in my book, but the idea basically is that if you can feel good now you'll receive more things that will help you feel good.

"The problem we have is that it's hard to feel good, especially when you go out into the world. And you know, a colleague is not being very nice to you or someone spilled coffee on your top or trousers or whatever it is, it's very hard to maintain a high vibration, which is ultimately just feeling good."

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One way we can bring more positive vibes into our lives is by practising gratitude – and this is something that Vex is a big fan of: "I think gratitude is probably one of the most important aspects of raising your vibration. Even if you just think of happiness as a whole. You know, you could have it all. But if you don't appreciate what's in front of you, you're not going to be happy.

"It's like, for example, you're on a platform and you're waiting for a train. Some people might feel angry that the train is late. Other people might feel happy. The trains arrived, and they can go home. Right? The situation's the same, but the perception is different. So gratitude is almost like a significant aspect to happiness."

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You can find more positive inspiration over on Instagram by following @vexking. Good Vibes, Good Life published by Hay House, is out now in the UK priced £10.99.