When Suzy Glaskie of Peppermint Wellness first experienced warning signs from her body, she tried to ignore them.


At the time, she was working in a hectic public relations role while raising two young children.

At first she tried to keep going as though everything was normal, but her mental and physical health began to deteriorate.

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“I wasn’t coping well with it, I had two very young children and the job was unbelievably stressful,” she recalls.

“I had a very unsympathetic boss and the kids seemed to take it in turns to be ill. I would wake up every morning with my heart in my mouth wondering if one of them would be un t to go to nursery and questioning how I would get to work too.”

Eventually, it got too much and she resigned, but her boss convinced her to stay. “Being ever the professional and not wanting to let anyone down, I let myself be persuaded,” she explains. “The next day I had this really awful red eye, which I’ve never had before or since. I tried every sort of drops and it just wouldn’t go.

"When you work in PR, you’re supposed to look well-put-together when you’re meeting clients, it’s pretty awful to show up looking like something out of the Twilight films.”

Matt Haig

Three months later, Suzy went to her doctor because she’d lost a lot of weight. He warned her that if she carried on there was a risk her periods would stop.

“That jolted me and I realised that I was on the way to being very poorly,” she says. “The next day, I resigned properly. The day after that my eye just cleared up. Looking back, I see that red eye as a red alert. My body was screaming at me that whole time, but I ignored every single signal.”

In this episode, Suzy shares her tips to help you pay attention to what your body is really telling you – and what you can do to improve your wellbeing.


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