How to stop being a people pleaser with Natalie Lue in the In The Moment Magazine podcast

Do you find yourself going out of your way to help others all the time? You could be a people pleaser, according to our wellbeing columnist Natalie Lue.

Natalie Lue

If you find it hard to say no to other people, even when it puts you under pressure, then you could be a people pleaser.


In this episode of the In The Moment podcast, we look at how to stop saying yes to every request and where our desire to please others comes from.

Natalie Lue says that these patterns often begin in childhood. We look to please our parents or teachers and receive praise, which reinforces our need to be helpful.

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“I think we’ve been socialised into being people pleasers,” says Natalie. “I think that when we’re children – I think it’s both sexes but particularly for girls – we are socialised to be good and kind and meek and mild. Don’t make waves; don’t make things awkward.

“The message then becomes please your parents and they will love you.”

In the podcast, we also discuss how to cope at work when handling requests from other people, especially when our first instinct is to say yes to anything people ask (very useful!).

The episode also covers how to say no to family, even when they are putting pressure on you.

Natalie Lue

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