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Focusing on your own needs can help you to feel calmer and more resilient. In the latest episode of the In The Moment Magazine podcast, we chat to Suzy Reading about how to bring self care into your life.

Suzy Reading
Published: December 26, 2018 at 7:51 am

Psychologist and yoga teacher Suzy Reading didn't really appreciate the value of self care until a family illness put her under considerable stress.


"I think of self care as health care," she says. "When you define it as health care you can understand its value. It's not a luxurious or indulgent practice to look after your health. It's proactive health care.

"Self care helps us cope in the moment; it helps us deal with stress, change and grief; it helps us to heal from those experiences; it provides us with a protective buffer and helps us to cope with the next inevitable curveball and it gives us access to our best selves."

"Self care gives us the means to achieve the things that we want to and be the people we aspire to be, so there's nothing fluffy, nothing indulgent about either of those things," she adds.

In this episode, Suzy provides easy tips for bringing self care into your daily life and talks about the wellbeing benefits.

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The Self-Care Revolution by Suzy Reading was published by Aster on 28 December, £12.99 (

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