My year of self-help with Marianne Power on the In The Moment Magazine podcast

Marianne Power decided that her life needed to change, so she set herself a radical, and surprising, challenge.

Marianne Power, author of Help Me

We’ve all tried self-help books, but most of us tend to give up quite quickly. Journalist Marianne Power was just like that, so one hungover morning she decided that she needed to make a change.


She was going to try to really live by the advice in self-help books – one book a month for a whole year – and write about her experiences. Her book, Help Me, has just been released in the UK.

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Marianne’s crazy year really pushed her to her limits and made her try terrifying things she’d never done before – from posing naked for a life-drawing class to performing stand-up comedy and chatting up strangers on the tube.

“I was always reading a lot of self-help books – my friend gave me my first one when I was 24,” she says.

“I would read them and fantasise about how great life would be if I got up at 5am to meditate, or if I repeated affirmations, but then I’d never actually do anything they told me to do.”

You can read more about Marianne’s exploits in In The Moment issue 18, which is out in the UK on 16 October.

Marianne Power, author of Help Me

Photos by Mat Smith Photography. Help Me by Marianne Power is available now (Picador, £14.99).