Are you an honest soul or do you tell the odd white lie? Would you say you like a present when you don't? Would you make up an excuse to get out of something?


Read on to discover some facts that you might not know about lying and take our quiz to find out just how honest you are (no cheating!).

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5 facts you might not know about lying


Liars tend to be more creative people

An experiment which gave participants to submit their own scores for a maths test (allowing the opportunity for them to cheat) showed that those who sneakily gave themselves higher scores performed better in creativity tests. You can read more about the test here.


Children who lie do better in life

A study in 2010 found that the ability to lie was an important stage in a child's development – and an early sign of intelligence.


Children can lie from the age of 2

Yes, children learn to lie not long after they learn to walk – much earlier than you might think.

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You can spot a liar by looking for physical 'tells'

If they can't keep their eyes still, your questions might be making them uncomfortable. Liars tend to blink more frequently and they will often look to the right before they tell a lie. You've been warned…


People lie once or twice a day

Although people lie a couple of times a day, it's not always for their own benefit – often 'prosocial' or white lies are told to protect the feelings of others.