Have you ever been in bed at night with lists of things you need to do the next day keeping you awake? We have and it's not a pleasant feeling.


It's hard to feel as though you're not in control and that you're not managing your life. Feeling as though you're disorganised and out of control can lead to anxiety and stress.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could put those worries aside and know that you don't have to remember? We've put together some top productivity apps for 2018 to stop you worrying about your to-do list.

8 best organisation apps

Doo app screenshot

Doo – Get Things Done

iOS, £4.99

Doo is a handy app for reminding you of things you need to do through helpful card reminders. When you've completed a task, you simply swipe upwards to dismiss it, while swiping down snoozes a reminder for later.

Cleverly, you can link a reminder to a particular location if you need to complete a task while you're there.

Download the app for iPhones.

Forest app

Forest by Seekrtech

iOS and Google Play, £1.99

If you're a social media addict or easily distracted by your phone, this app will help you to focus. The idea is that you plant a tree using the app and set the timer. If you leave the app before your time is up, the tree will die.

The best part? Forest is partnered with Trees for the Future and by using the app you can earn coins which can be used to pay for real trees to be planted in the real world.

Download Forest from the Apple store or Google Play.

Streaks app


iOS, £4.99

Develop better habits (including being more organised) by using the Streaks app for iPhones. Choose up to 12 tasks that you'd like to turn into daily habits and try your best to keep your streak going. If you miss a day, your streak automatically resets to zero.

If you don't need to do a particular task every day, you can set it so that you only have to do it on certain days. For example, walking to work on a weekday.

Download the app from the Apple store.

Bright TODO app

Bright TODO

Android, free

Bright TODO is a great app to use if you want to plan your work long term, not just day-to-day. It allows you to prioritise your tasks into long, mid and short term. You can set one-off tasks or set regular tasks to repeat so that you don't need to remember them.

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Download the app from Google Play.

Toggl app

Toggl Time Tracker, Timesheet

Android, iOS and desktop, free with the option to upgrade to a premium package

Ever wondered just how much time you spend checking emails? Or in meetings? Toggl allows you to keep track of how you spend your time and make better use of it.

This app is good for organising your time at work, but you probably wouldn't want to track other areas of your life!

Download the app for Android devices, iOS or desktop.

Habitbull app

Habit Tracker

iOS and Android, in-app purchases

Like Streaks, Habit Tracker is designed to help you build positive habits and break down negative ones. Over time, you'll be able to pick up on patterns using this app and use it to stop bad habits. Set a habit, tell Habit Tracker how you got on and start building up a streak.

Habit Tracker also has communities you can join to help keep you motivated.

Download Habit Tracker for iOS and Android.

Freedom app


iOS, Mac and Windows, from $2.42 per month

Stop all distractions by downloading the Freedom app. If you tend to waste hours online or get easily distracted by the internet, then this is the app for you.

If you're doing some work that requires concentration – but not the internet – then Freedom will block your access for a set amount of time so you can get on with your work.

Download the app for iOS, Mac and Windows.

Noisli app


iOS and Android, free

Background noises can make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. Noisli can help you to block out unwanted noises and get into the zone, boosting your productivity and reducing stress.

Noisli allows you to listen to white noise or choose some relaxing natural sounds.


Download the app for iOS and Android, or listen using your browser.