Capture the calm

When you have a moment to yourself, make it count with the delicious flavour of Ricola


July is a magical month for herbs. It’s when almost all of the 13 herbs found in Ricola herbal sweets burst into flower, sharing their wonderful scents and sights with us. If you get the chance to breathe in intoxicating sage, peppermint and thyme, or marvel at the spectacle of colourful fields of cowslips, mallow, elder and speedwell, it will lift your soul.That’s why before harvesting, the Swiss sweet experts at Ricola make sure there’s a moment to soak up the glory of its herbs, even taking a few stems as inspiration to create some simple but beautiful watercolour paintings. These works of nature provide a wonderful year-round reminder of what can happen when we take the time to enjoy the world around us.

When moments like these seem far away, you can still experience a delicious feeling of wellbeing and the incredible flavour of the herbs with Ricola. Whether in the car, at work, on the train or just at home on your sofa, keep a packet or two handy for a mouth-watering and refreshing burst of LemonMint, Elderflower, Mountain Mint, Cranberry or Herbal Caramel. All produced with an ethical ethos and free from sugar, artificial flavours and colours.

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