Creating calm inside and out with Yogamatters

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Take steps to reconnect through yoga and meditation. Reap the benefits of being ‘in the moment’ and learn to relax both your mind and body.


We live in the real world: this is often an overwhelming world of busyness and over-stimulation. We take our place in a society in which so many of us are stressed, anxious and exhausted much of the time. We have no time to rest, no time to think, no time to breathe.

Creating calm

More and more of us are turning to yoga and meditation, longing to create calm both inside and out. As we step onto our yoga mat, as our bare feet connect with the earth below, we feel more grounded in the here and now.

We can think: ‘this is where I am, not living in the past or the future, but right here in this space in this moment’.

As we learn to connect with our breath, we move out of our head and into our body. Following the breath calms the body and the mind. As we stretch and bend and move, we learn to listen to what our body is telling us. As we come to know our body and accept it for what it is, we find a welcome release.

As we sit with ourselves in quiet meditation, we find a place of rest. We let go of all that we cannot control. For none of us are ever really in control of what life may present us with. All we can do is relinquish control of everything except our response to whatever will be, trusting that ultimately all will be well.

With the help of Yogamatters

Yoga and meditation are at the heart of all that Yogamatters is and does. Yogamatters has all that you will need to support you on your yoga and meditation journey. The Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat has been the starting point for many a yoga journey and remains top of the Yogamatters list of best-selling products year in, year out. In a wide range of bold colours, all you have to do is pick the sticky mat that’s right for you and you’re good to go! If you’re looking to calm the body and the mind, then restorative yoga is just the thing to restore, refresh and renew.

The Yogamatters buckwheat bolster (another of Yogamatters’ firm favourites) not only looks gorgeous, but also aids comfort and relaxation in ways that have to be experienced to be believed. Complete your relaxation with an eye pillow filled with lavender and flaxseed that blocks out light, also putting a little pressure onto the front of the eyes that sends messages to the brain to relax body and mind.

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With breath as your guide

However crazy your world feels right now, there’s a place of calm that is always within reach. It may take some practice and dedication to locate it. After all, this is unexplored territory for many of us. With the breath as your guide, you can step out and explore this calm that inspires the inner and outer world. Let Yogamatters accompany you on this journey to create calm inside and out.

Yoga favourites

A few quality accessories go a long way to aiding comfort and relaxation, such as the sticky yoga mat or meditation cushions from Yogamatters. When it comes to meditation practice, Yogamatters boasts a wide range of meditation cushions, accessories and books to guide and inspire. You can create a calm, sacred space anytime, anywhere with candles and incense from the Yogamatters collection, as you take time to discover the calm that is within.


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