Embrace autumn with In The Moment Magazine issue 30

This month we're appreciating the changing seasons as we move into autumn. Read on to find out what's in store inside our October issue…

In The Moment issue 30
Published: September 17, 2019 at 12:29 pm

In the latest issue of In The Moment Magazine, we're fully embracing October with a cosy cover designed by Benedict Blyth.


Editor Kirstie Duhig says: "This month, our issue is all about balance, by which I don’t mean the relentless quest for the perfect ‘work-life’ balance that we’re sold – for me, a mythical nirvana and recipe for guilt and self-reprove as frankly it’s always a push-pull, usually in many directions. I mean, instead, the kind of life balance that makes us feel grounded, centred, content.

"This type of balance is, for me, like one of those old brass weighing scales, the ones that come with lots of dinky little weights that make it easy to make small adjustments. Work stress? Add a quarter of an ounce of sleep, half an ounce of yoga and a pinch of (note to self) asking-for-help. Parenting stress? Half an ounce of connecting with friends and a quarter of spending more time in nature...

"On one side of the scales is calm, contented me – on the other my worries, stresses, self-doubts. The scales are, of course, never still. Real life requires us to make these adjustments all the time. But when we view balance as a thing of flux we don’t ‘fail’ when things don’t go to plan, or stress creeps in. Instead, we give ourselves permission to reach for the small (but mighty) adjustments that will serve us best. This month’s features are full of simple tips to help you recentre, restore balance and find your flow. As always, I hope you find much to inspire you."

This issue also comes with a 2020 Mindfulness Diary to help inspire you in the coming year.

Read on to discover all the features inside issue 30…


This month we're unleashing the positive potential of boredom, rebooting our batteries when they're running low, using nunchi to deepen our connections, reflecting on balance in our yoga practice, talking through relationship power struggles, discovering our attachment styles and more.


In Living, we're practising self-care by slowing down, using food to reconnect with times that soothe us and cleaning up the Swedish way with plogging (picking up litter while you jogging).

Walking through the woods early in the morning
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Wash away your worries with wild swimming, escape to the sanctuary of a travel journal and find solace among the trees in arboretums.



Get crafty with natural materials using monoprinting techniques, discover inspiring printmakers, try art therapy on a Greek retreat and catch up with our book club.


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