Find mindful inspiration for 2020 with In The Moment Magazine issue 33

Find fulfilment and set achievable goals for the new year with our January issue – out now in the UK

In The Moment issue 33
In The Moment issue 33
Published: December 10, 2019 at 8:02 am

In our January issue, we're contemplating change and new beginnings. Editor Kirstie Duhig says: "With a new year on the horizon, our thoughts turn naturally to future hopes and plans. For some of us, motivation is high and we feel excited about adventures to come. For others, the cold weather and dark mornings can be a struggle and we feel the urge to hibernate rather than take on new challenges.


"Whatever our frame of mind, a practice that can help us to begin the new year with a positive outlook is actually to devote some time to looking back. It’s a ritual that I have found to be invaluable, especially in the face of difficult times. Reflecting on the year that’s passed; focusing, in particular, on those little bursts of sunshine that have brought us joy, is a reminder that grey clouds will pass, that there have been – and will always be – moments to cherish, in the best and the darkest of times.

"Looking forward can be unsettling. Change is hard. We are all creatures of habit and even the most wonderful, wished-for opportunities require us to adapt and step out of our comfort zone. For me, just knowing that it’s ok to feel out of sorts – even when the change is welcomed – is helpful in accepting and moving through these feelings. I hope our thoughtful features this issue will help you to do just that."

Read on to discover what's inside our January magazine. Plus this issue comes with a bonus mini journal, A Year of Life Lessons, to help you find wisdom in 2020.

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Cover illustration by Delphine Balme.


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