In need of some rest and replenishment? Settle down with the latest issue of In The Moment Magazine.


Editor Kirstie Duhig says: "It’s cold outside and the nights are long, which means making the time to nourish our body and mind is more important than ever. This issue is all about listening to and loving your body. If you’re pushing yourself too hard, can you give yourself permission to slow down, to allow yourself to rest and replenish? It’s the only way to avoid that boom and bust cycle, says Dr Lucy Maddox (you know the one: you’ve been super busy and the moment you take a holiday you get sick, so you end up back in your usual routine feeling not very rested at all).

"Fitness expert Tally Rye agrees, and her intuitive attitude to getting active is a liberating and motivating way to foster a healthy relationship with our body. Lottie Storey encourages us to practise self-care by exploring what brings us comfort; she shows us how to lift our mood by creating a sensory comfort library we can visit whenever we need some ‘cloud’ time.

"A positive outlook is also what we gain when we practise ichigo ichie, say writers Héctor García and Francesc Miralles. This simple Zen philosophy teaches us to be present, to accept the moment and treasure the little things in life, helping us to find fulfilment in the here and now. So, top up your self-care toolkit and take your cue from nature – let this be a month to thrive by taking comfort and nurturing your roots."

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Learn how to deal with frustration with Harriet Griffey, learn the simple secret to being happy with life using ichigo ichie, find out why you get sick whenever you slow down, create a sensory comfort library to help you relax, learn to love your body with Tally Rye, support your emotional and physical wellbeing with aromatherapy and build intimacy in your relationships with Natalie Lue's tips.

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