Enjoy a moment of calm and relaxation with the April issue of In The Moment Magazine – out now in the UK.


This issue's theme is confidence. Editor Kirstie Duhig says: "This issue, we focus on ways to nurture and build confidence – from practical steps that can give us the strength to break out of an unhelpful routine, to the confidence we can gain from accepting all the aspects of our personality, including the ‘imperfections’ we often feel we have to keep hidden.

"Positive psychology coach Gabrielle Treanor also shows us how confidence can help us to tackle overwhelm, whether this is the confidence to say no, or yes, or to ask for help. Like anyone, my confidence comes and goes.

"Recently, I’ve said yes to a few opportunities outside my comfort zone after deciding, towards the end of last year, that if fear of failure is really the only reason I have for not doing something, then I ought to give it a go. And what I have discovered is this: recognising that self-doubt is simply a feeling, and one that I can chose to ruminate on or not, really does make it easier to conquer.

"A few weeks ago I hosted a panel discussion in front of 300 people (public speaking has a pretty high fear factor for me), and not only did I manage keep my nerves in check, I actually really enjoyed it. Which felt pretty good. I hope that our features this month will help to empower and support you to move forward, to say yes to new opportunities and say no, or at least ‘not now’, when you know your energy bank is low and it’s high time you prioritised yourself. "

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