Learn how to get a great night's sleep the natural way with Sleep Well magazine.


In this new special edition, you'll learn how to tackle common sleep problems. Discover what's normal for your age, whether mindfulness can improve your rest, how to tackle night time noise, how hormones affect your sleep and much more.

Plus this magazine comes with a sleep diary to help you keep track of your habits to solve your problems.

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This issue features advice from leading sleep and wellbeing experts including bestselling author Matt Haig, Professor Alice Gregory of Goldsmiths Sleep Lab, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Dr Vikki Revell, yoga teacher and psychologist Suzy Reading and many more.

The magazine is divided into helpful sections to allow you to find the most beneficial solutions for your sleeping difficulties.

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Sleep facts

In the Sleep Facts section, we're learning all about the science of sleep from the experts, covering everything from what happens when we sleep to how our sleeping habits change as we age.


In Mind, find out how light affects our sleep, meet the writer behind Calm's bedtime stories, discover the 10 best audio apps for sleep, say good night to insomnia and learn about the benefits of microsleeps and office naps.


Our Body section covers everything you can do to set yourself up for a great night's sleep. Try out the best yoga routines to help you relax, what to eat to improve your sleep and the role our hormones play.

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Looking after your sleep environment is another way to improve your quality of sleep. We look at how to make your bedroom perfect for sleep, how light can cause sleeplessness and much more.


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