How happy are you? Take our happiness quiz to find out

Are you truly happy? Try our happiness personality test to find out how happy you really are

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Taking stock of your little habits can reveal a lot about your happiness levels. Take Harriet Griffey’s quick quiz to get a handle on how you’re doing.


Whether or not we feel happy is not only about what we experience in life, but how we feel about we feel about those experiences.

The first crucial step is to work out where you stand right now in terms of happiness.

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From there, you can start to work towards a deeper, more contented acceptance of what you already have, cherishing those small pleasures that we take for granted at times, and removing some of those self-inflicted barriers to happiness that wheedle their way into all our lives.

Take this short quiz to get a better picture of your starting point.

How happy are you? Take our quiz to find out

Extract from I Want To Be Happy by Harriet Griffey (Hardie Grant, £7.99). Find out more at


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