How hypnotherapy works: hypnosis and mindfulness

Introduction to hypnotherapy

Use simple hypnotherapy techniques to make your mindfulness more fulfilling, and unlock your subconscious. Hypnotherapist Becky Skuse explains the basics in our exclusive series.


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Forget those old sensationalised stage shows, modern hypnosis has come a long way since then. Nowadays, hypnosis is used as a powerful self-help tool to improve your wellbeing.

What is hypnosis?

In part one of this series we look at the similarities between mindfulness and hypnosis, and how you can use hypnotherapy to make positive changes in your subconscious mind.

Use a guided visualisation

In part two of Becky’s series she explains how you can use a guided visualisation to process anything that’s troubling you and replace it with positive feelings.

Hypnotherapy Becky Skuse

Becky Skuse is a qualified hypnotherapist, having achieved the Hypnotherapist Practitioner Diploma in 2006. She now works as a writer for a variety of publications, including those offering self-help advice.


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