Make more of your mindfulness with this simple hypnotherapy guided visualisation. Hypnotherapist Becky Skuse guides you through using a visualisation technique, and if you missed part one you can read her explanation of the basics.


Hypnotherapy guided visualisation

First of all, you need to find somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed, and turn your mobile phone off! Then get yourself comfortable, either sitting or lying down, and close your eyes.

Just breathe naturally and focus your mind on the sensation of the air moving in and out of your nostrils. While you do this, just let your body relax and let go of any tension. Scan your body and if there are any tense areas, just breathe out the tension and breathe in relaxation. Take your time and when you’re ready to relax further, count down on each out breath from 10 to 0 – you can do this in your mind or out loud if you wish.

Imagine your wall

Now picture an empty wall – it can be an imagined wall or a real wall, in your home or at work or anywhere you like. Maybe it's a clean, white wall similar to one you might find in an art gallery.

Think of something that's troubling you, it can be large or small. Imagine turning this trouble into a photo, a word, a sound – anything you like. Now imagine attaching this item to the wall, using glue, blue tack, drawing pins or something else. As you attach the item to the wall, feel free to let go of this trouble for now.

Repeat this process to add more items to the wall. Take your time and when you’re ready, take a step back from the wall and take a deep breath. Now imagine painting over the wall. You can use a brush or a roller, or just splash the paint over the whole wall! Enjoy this process. You can choose any colour you like, or even a combination of colours, to create the wall you want – it might be plain, calming white; it could be a bright, vibrant pink; maybe it’s a beautiful combination of sunset shades.

Hypnotherapy positive visualisation

Add positive feelings

When you’re ready, take a step forwards towards the wall. Now think of the things that are wonderful in your life and imagine placing these items onto the wall. Again, use photos, words, feelings, sounds – anything you like, using any method you like to attach them. Take your time and as you attach each item to the wall, remember how wonderful these things make you feel. Allow yourself to smile as you remember. When you’re done, take a deep breath and say goodbye to the wall, knowing that you can return any time you need to.

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When you’re ready, count back up from 0 to 10, gradually making yourself aware of your body again, the light in the room and noises outside. You’ll be ready to get on with the rest of your day.

But now, if you need to remember your special wall and all the wonderful treasures it holds, just smile!


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