How owning a dog can change your life for the better

Did you know that dogs are into reggae? It's just one of our favourite facts about our four-legged friends! Find out why owning a dog can change your life for the better.

Dog in the woods in the autumn
Published: August 31, 2018 at 9:30 am

Where would be be without our canine pals? A lot less fit for starters! There's plenty of evidence to show that owning a dog can improve your physical and mental health. Plus they're great fun to have around.


Here's why you should consider getting a dog…


They love reggae

Yes, we know how crazy that sounds, but research has shown that dogs prefer reggae to other genres of music.

Research by the University of Glasgow's Institute of Biodiversity found that dogs find music with a 10 second repeating refrain the most soothing, but they generally prefer music with 80-100 beats per minute such as Shakira's 'Hips don't lie'.

For the record, they're not keen on violins, so don't leave them listening to Classic FM.


Dogs can help you keep fit

Dogs need between 30 minutes and two hours of exercise per day, depending on their needs. It's an easy way to fit regular exercise into your day.


Owning a dog reduces your chances of getting heart disease

A study in Sweden found that owning a dog can reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 23%. Hurrah!


Dog owners are less stressed

There's evidence to suggest that dog owners handle stress much better than those who don't have a dog. When under stress, their blood pressure and pulse rate stays steady.

Puppy holding a leaf

Dogs prevent you from feeling lonely

Dogs aren't just great company, they also encourage you to get out more and socialise with others.


Owning a dog can improve your mental health

Just stroking a dog can help reduce anxiety – and dogs love you unconditionally.


Dogs can smell your feelings

Ever wondered how your dog can tell when you're feeling down? Their noses are 4x more sensitive than ours and your scent changes when you're sad or stressed.


Photo by Samuel Thompson and Duffy Brook on Unsplash.


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