How to make your period organic, sustainable and plastic-free

Ditch the plastic and make the switch to Natracare’s eco-friendly period products. Not only is it better for your body, it’s better for the planet, too.

Natracare ultra extra pads

You’ve likely long stopped using plastic straws, replaced plastic bags with fabric shoppers and opted for a reusable coffee cup, but there’s still one time of the month where you may struggle to reduce your plastic use and be as eco-friendly as you’d like – when you’re on your period.


Plastics, non-organic cotton, perfumes, dyes and chlorine bleaching… many women don’t realise what’s in conventional period products. Fortunately, Natracare is on a mission to shake up the way we think about Aunt Flo.

Natracare believes our bodies and the planet deserve better – that’s why it created the world’s first 100% organic cotton tampon. And, 30 years later, it’s still championing period products created with eco-friendly, natural materials.

With typical pads containing up to five plastic bags’ worth of plastic, it seems periods aren’t so great for Mother Nature. Thankfully, Natracare’s period pads are plastic-free, so not only are they gentle on your skin, they’re also gentle on the planet.

Natracare only uses the best renewable, biodegradable and compostable materials, like soft organic cotton and naturally absorbent wood pulp. Free from chlorine bleaching, perfumes and dyes, their certified vegan period products are soothing and calming on intimate skin.

So try swapping to Natracare – it’s a little change that can make a big difference. You’ll be able to go about your day leak- and worry-free. And, better yet, you’ll be kinder to your body and the planet.


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