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Josephine Pembroke

Christmas is supposed to be a time for happiness and being close to loved ones, but often if can be the exact opposite.


In association with In The Moment Magazine, Josephine Pembroke of Radio Gorgeous interviewed writer Jo Carnegie (pictured below) about her feature on Christmas sadness in issue 6.

“There’s a slight dread around Christmas now for most of us, because the hype starts so early. I think from October onwards we are seeing Christmas in the shops and hearing it on the radio, so I think a lot of us by the time Christmas comes around have a sense of fatigue,” says Jo.

For many people, it can be a really lonely time as it’s time when you’re meant to be with friends and family and meant to be having a wonderful time together. But for people who’ve suffered a bereavement or are suffering from depression, it can really highlight loss and what’s missing in their lives.

Jo Carnegie

Christmas can also be a difficult time for feuding families. As Jo says: “We don’t lead these Christmas card perfect lives all year round, so why should we suddenly on Christmas Day all come together and all get on?”

“Often you have to travel to other people’s houses, so you’re not on your home territory and you have to obey other people’s rules.

“You’re out of your comfort zone and often there’s a lot of alcohol involved, so tensions that are simmering under the surface can come to a head.”

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You think that these kind of things shouldn’t happen on Christmas Day – even if they happen at different times during the year. It’s often a time of forced happiness.

We’re all individuals with different ideas of happiness. “If sitting at home with the curtains drawn, with no Christmas dinner, watching cartoons all day is your idea of a happy day, then you should be allowed to do it!” She says.

There’s the perception that everyone’s having a better Christmas than you, which can make you feel lonelier.

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