My everyday moment – “Enjoying a moment’s peace”

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Busy mum, Kate Evans, describes how she finds time to recharge to see her through the day…


Family life is busy, but that’s the way I like it. Being able to grab a moment to myself feels like a treat, but just sitting still for 10 minutes with a cup of tea and enjoying a moment’s peace is a enough.

It’s also important for me to get time with my friends who don’t have kids, so we can chat about topics other than school and homework. Much as I love being a mum, it’s easy to lose sight of who I used to be when day-to-day life was more carefree.

I’ve been trying to make more time for mindfulness over the past few months – I’ve got an app on my phone with quick meditation sessions, and being more aware has made me realise the importance of taking time to reflect on life. Kids grow and change so fast that if you don’t stop occasionally to focus on the moment it feels like life is passing by too quickly.”

My still space

Womankind tea

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