My everyday moment – “I need time on my own to be silent”

Pukka Tea everyday moment

Busy executive Tiffany Jackson finds her walking commute offers a relaxing pause between work and home.


“Living and working in a city, it can be hard to find a moment of peace and quiet. After a busy day in the office, speaking with clients and colleagues, I sometimes just run out of words and need to have time on my own, to be silent and take a breath before I do anything else.

“On my walk home from work I cross a bridge and often pause to watch the boats, the SUP boarders, the rowers or other keyboard warriors having a beer, dangling their feet over the harbourside wall.

“The hustle and bustle eases away; the water and the space it offers are a welcome change from the shops, high streets and office blocks that surround my workplace. An instantly calming image of Bristol. No matter how challenging a day I have, I feel grateful for the stunning city I call home.

“A few times a week, after work, I walk to a yoga session, so I stroll slowly and use this time to set my intentions for my class… What am I going to work on? What was challenging last time? What advice can I take from my last guided practice? What have I read that will feed my practice? I can feel my shoulders relax and the tension of the day starts to slip away.”

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