We're thrilled to introduce In The Moment Magazine columnist Charlene Lim.

Charlene wasn't the most sporty person until she discovered a love of yoga in her early twenties.

In the video below, Charlene explains how yoga changed her life and led her to leave her job and set up her own studio, Trika Yoga, in Bristol, UK.

Trika opened its doors on 3 December 2016. Charlene says: "Since then it's been an amazing whirlwind." In issue 1 of In The Moment, she talks about opening the studio, her daily inspirations and being receptive to change in life around us.

If you don't live in the Bristol area, you can get a regular yoga fix by following Trika Yoga on Instagram:@trikayoga.

Flourish - Empowerment. Strength. Yoga. from Pixillion on Vimeo.