"The Ultimate Guide to Health and Happiness” is a confident claim, and we hope we deliver with this jam-packed New Year, New You special magazine. We focus on your mental health, showing you how you can be the best version of yourself, with features on getting fit, healthy and happy.


It’s not all workout regimes – thankfully, there are plenty of fun and easy ways to improve your fitness. You’ll quickly feel the benefits too, as getting moving automatically helps your mind tune into your body and lets you take the steps towards a more positive mental attitude. Getting fit is a real win-win! You’ll learn the latest options for healthy choices too, as our experts help you recognise what your body needs and also recommend new therapies, treatments and nutrition ideas.

You’ll already be feeling a lot happier knowing there are plenty of simple steps you can take to improve your life, and we’ve gathered brilliant tips and practices from people who’ve done that already – a tried and tested route to kickstarting your new year and making life- changing choices. Have fun setting your goals, and enjoy the journey!

Live Well magazine is available at most UK supermarkets and WHSmiths, priced £9.99. You can also order your copy online here.

Read on to discover the features inside the new magazine…

Get fit

Find out how to eat for your age and stage, get back on your bike, build a winning mindset, combine yoga and skiing and discover why myofascial release should be your new favourite massage.

Get happy

Kickstart your new year, find fun with a new hobby, uncover the benefits of learning a new skill from scratch, discover your natural high, learn how to find your mojo, get in touch with your spiritual side, set your intentions with a vision board, become a happier person in just 14 days, make your home your haven and start the new year with a journalling habit.

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Get healthy

Take control of your wellness, feel positive about stress, find out how to stay calm at work, boost your breakfast with simple, healthy swaps, try CBD oil, discover if beauty sleep really exists, cut out sugar for good and look after your gut by enjoying fermented food.