Take a look inside In The Moment Magazine issue 28

The latest issue of In The Moment is perfect for your summer break.

Published: July 23, 2019 at 8:39 am

It feels as though summer is here and the latest issue of In The Moment definitely captures the mood.


Editor Kirstie Duhig says: "Our theme this month is self-belief, and why nurturing this enigmatic, and sometimes fickle, characteristic (why is it that our self-belief wavers when we need it most?) is key to our happiness – in our relationships, our work, our home and social life. Knowing and accepting ourselves for who we truly are can require us to ask some difficult and unsettling questions, but it can also reveal our true values, remind us of our passions and set us on a path to the happiest version of ourselves.

"I have come to think of my self-belief as a capricious friend, one that, most of the time, has my back, but on occasion throws a wobbly and needs my support to get back on track. I’ve learned, too, that it’s me who has to believe, that encouragement and kind words from friends and family are wonderful and comforting (and welcomed!) but that truly valuing myself has to come from within.

"As with everything in life, this is a process that requires a little care and attention. So let’s tell ourselves at least once today – and every day – how unique, talented and cherished we truly are."

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This month we're reframing obstacles as challenges to overcome, nurturing our self-belief, learning to live in tune with our natural hormone cycles, learning how to say no without seeming difficult, trying yoga with a natural twist using 'primal flow' and talking about why it's okay to be sad sometimes.


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Cover illustration by Petra Braun.


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