This month we are exploring the theme of kindness – towards those we know and love, towards those we meet in passing, towards those we may never know, towards our beautiful planet and, usually last but never least, towards ourselves.


Editor Kirstie Duhig says: "Why is it that being kind to ourselves comes hardest to us? Why are we our harshest critic? Quick to judge and slow to forgive. And does it have to be this way? Reassuringly, our experts tell us that it does not. We can learn to change our internal narrative; we can learn cut ourselves some slack; we can learn to forgive ourselves.

"It’s a lesson I’ve been grateful for these past few months. As my daughter takes her first steps towards adulthood, I find memories of my own teenage years resurfacing – and amid the colourful, fun, awkward, helter-skelter excitingness of it all there are the mistakes and misunderstandings, the long-forgotten heartaches, the once dear friend I thoughtlessly cast aside. No matter how long ago, it is hard to forgive ourselves our misjudgement, our thoughtlessness, our occasional unkindness. And yet we must. So, I am learning to let go, to forgive my teenage stumbles (and the many since), just as I forgive my daughter’s. It’s not always easy, but it is a kindness we can all gift to ourselves."

In this issue, we're setting our intentions with kaizen, discovering the positive power of intuition and much more. Plus find inspiration with Japanese greetings cards designed by Irene Demetri.

Read on to discover what else is inside the latest issue…

Woman looking towards the mountains
Unsplash/Alexander Ramsey


Find out why we need to be kinder to ourselves, take our intuition quiz, achieve your goals with the Japanese way of kaizen, learn to forgive and let go, discover the power of positive thinking, feel energised through winter, embrace winter cosiness with coorie and more.

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Cover illustration by Esther Curtis.