Enjoy our calming free meditation session with Joanna Hulin of Horizon Inspired

Work your way through difficult decisions with this free meditation session

Joanna Hulin meditating on the beach
Published: March 29, 2018 at 12:06 pm

Take a moment to slow down and meditate with this free meditation session provided by Joanna Hulin of Horizon Inspired.


When it comes to making a big decision, we often falter or question our own intuition, or feel anxious that we've made the wrong choice. Instead of looking outwards for reassurance, Joanna suggests looking inwards instead.

"The big decisions can sometimes be so consuming, confusing and fearful that we end up making none at all," she says.

Watch the video below and relax…

Can't see the video? You can watch it on YouTube here.

For Joanna, meditation gives her the chance to reflect on her decisions in a non-judgemental manner: "Meditation is time and space just for you. When you sit down and close your eyes to meditate, you are pressing pause on all that surrounds you."

Read more about how to tackle life's big decisions with Joanna in issue 11 of In The Moment – out in the UK on 3rd April.

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Joanna Hulin

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