April is Stress Awareness Month – the idea is to help us identify the causes, and get to know the cures, for the stressors in our modern society. We often overlook the role of nutrition, but eating the right nutrients to replenish our energy and vitamin stores may also help to reduce the impact of stress.


From 1– 7 April, BBC Good Food and In The Moment are teaming up to share a whole week of wellness food tips, expert advice and recipes (including this delicious berry pancake!) on their websites and social media, covering everything from eating for stress management to flexitarianism.

Each day has a different theme, and the articles and recipes will be available throughout the month and beyond.

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Food for anxiety

Day one – stress

Stress has been described as a modern-day epidemic and it's something that most of us will suffer from at some point in our lives. Don't worry though, there are things you can to reduce stress through your diet.

Healthy breakfast with fruit

Day two – mindful eating

Taking the time to eat more mindfully can help us to appreciate our meals more and slow down. It can also help us to value our mealtimes and give us time to recharge.


Day three – eating to boost your brain power

We often hear about diets to improve our skin or to give us more energy, but getting your nutrition right can also help to keep your brain healthy.

Young Indian woman admiring her skin in the mirror
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Day four – eating for your skin

Keep your skin feeling its best by eating a diet packed with nutrients. You'll be glowing!

Bowl of vegan food

Day five – flexitarianism

There's a growing trend for eating less meat in our diets and there's evidence to show that it's better for the environment too.

Jody Vassallo, author of The Yogic Kitchen

Day six – nutrition for fitness

Calling all fitness fans! Find out how to eat for your work out, get inspired by yoga diets and more.

Fermented pickles in jars

Day seven – fermented food

Fermented food can help you to maintain a healthy gut. Discover how you can make your own fermented food at home and how it can improve your health.